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Android app development services to gain better User Experience

Looking forward to outsource Android app development services? How about some research first? Being a technology head, it is important for you to understand the actual work carried out by an Android app development services provider.

Did you know, expected number of mobile users might reach the mark of 4.77 billion in 2017. That’s huge! Android leads the market in developed geographies such as UK, Asia, South America, Europe, etc. Market share of Android is higher than other operating systems, since it clearly tops the charts for User Experience.

Market share of Android has share of 86.2%. 432 million smartphones were sold in the last quarter of 2016; in which, the number of Android users was 352 million i.e 81.7%.

Since it is mentioned above, the major USP of Android applications is User Experience; it is important for businesses to outsource to reliable Android development services for maintaining the higher graphs of user experience.

Let’s check out what methodology is followed by Android development services for gaining good customer satisfaction:

Scope: In this phase, problem statement is generated in which ‘Who, Why, What, When and Where’ questions are scrutinized. A lot of research and brainstorming is done in this phase to generate new ideas and settle for the most promising and feasible one. Basically, all the requirements are understood here.

Design: Once the idea generation is done and requirements are gathered, Design proposal is generated. App flow is documented with screen designs and interactive prototypes. Participation of client’s IT team is necessary to ensure integration with their existing infrastructure.

Develop: After designing, app development team initiates the actual coding part of the application. Application development and testing go side by side since the process has to be iterative to avoid bugs in the early stages. Periodic test releases of the developed code are sent to the client for their feedback.

Deploy: After finishing with the coding part, the entire app store submission process is done. Marketing team is participated in this phase to successfully launch the application and popularize it.

Maintenance: After the application goes live on the app stores or shared in the client organization, necessary maintenance and updates are provided. It helps to increase the app retain rate.

Umbrella Systems Android app development services provide excellent user interaction with security. By outsourcing Android app development to Suma Soft, businesses achieve reduced cost and shorter SDLC.

Following are the benefits offered by Umbrella Systems Android App Development Services:

  • Innovative websites with expert developers
  • Scalability, flexibility and robustness ensured
  • Improved portability by 70%
  • Budget friendly and effective solutions
  • Enhance your business ROI
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