Companies that implement personalized strategies have:

  • 148% return on investments
  • 63% growth in revenues* source: Aberdeen Group Study

Keeping your content fresh is important to increase user retention, but you can also personalize your content to your specific customers and retain the users you want. Instead of delivering the same message to all users you can deliver unique and targeted experiences to each one based on their geographic area, industry and previous interactions with your site.

  • Targeted website content will help engage audiences and motivate them to work with your company.
  • Your website becomes a destination that drives the right audience to your business.

Create & Implement

umbrella System will help create this new content strategy with you. We can help create compelling content based on what you know about your audience, create marketing workflows that are based on specific business rules and provide lead scoring to your business development team. Creating these different campaigns based on different personas can build measurable ROIs. Sitecore is a Content Management System that allows users to update their content on multiple sites and for multiple audiences. With the implementation of SiteCore's CMS you will be able to:

  • Capture information from a first-time website visitor and convert them to a new lead for your business.
  • Improve User Experience on your website by supplying content that speaks to them.
  • Assign personas to each page so website editors can easily update the content.

Contact umbrella System to learn how you can upgrade your website to provide a targeted User Experience to your customers.